Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cambozola: Day 7 - We have fuzz!!! - Dark Days Challenge

When I opened up the cheese aging box this morning to check on the progress of the Cambozola I started last weekend, I caught a lovely whiff of "mushroom" - and if you look closely, within the red circle, along the edge of the cheese, you can see the beginnings of penicillin candidum fuzz! Looks like even if the "-ozola" part doesn't work out, the "camb" part should be fine. That's a relief, because it means I've probably managed, through sheer dumb beginner's luck, to avoid the worst of the mistakes I could have made with this cheese to this point. As long as I keep it in the proper temp and humidity range, I should end up with something at least edible - whether it's gonna be the Cambozola clone I was aiming for remains to be seen...

While we're on the subject of "fancy shmancy food" - I have something in the works for the Dark Days Challenge that may turn out to be very, very cool. It's still in the planning and research stages, but at this point I think I've learned enough and located all the raw local materials I need to succeed. However, there's always the chance the project will still fall through for some reason outside of my control, so I'll keep mum on what it is for now. But if it doesn't fall through, look for news on something very unexpected on the local Idaho foods front next weekend!

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