Friday, February 8, 2008

Field Trip Time!

You might be asking yourself as you look at the picture above - what the heck is all that mess? Well, that's a picture of about a gazillion (give or take a few thousand) swarming Golden Trout. And yes, they really are that color - when we pulled up to the Idaho Trout Company near Filer, Idaho today I caught sight of this milling mass of golden fish and told my husband that it looked like they were raising huge goldfish, not trout!

If you live anywhere near the Twin Falls area, you really should look into buying trout straight off the farm. The prices are fantastic - we got frozen, individually wrapped nearly boneless rainbow trout fillets for $1.75 a POUND. The golden trout, which have somewhat larger fillets with a tasty red meat that is something like a mild salmon, go for $2.00 a pound. You buy everything in five pound boxes, and if you call ahead they will have it all boxed up and ready for you. Here's a picture of a pretty big fella that was swimming off by himself near the fence.

We got something very interesting from the farm today in addition to the trout, but I'll talk more about that when I do up our Dark Days Challenge recipe blogpost for tomorrow night.

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