Monday, January 28, 2008

Cambozola: Day 2

How to make cambozola is apparently a bit of a trade secret, so while I did a fair bit of online research on the steps, all I was able to find were other home cheesemakers like myself trying to figure it out! So it will be interesting to see if this works or not. Even if it doesn't, I should still end up with an interesting cheese. (Btw, the dark stuff on the insides of my "high-tech empty #2.5 can cheese molds" is not rust, it's condensation and whey droplets.)

The curds basically have to drain for a couple of days under their own weight. This is Day 2 - I packed the curds into the molds yesterday (they were all the way to the top of the molds to start with) and they have been draining whey ever since. Way much more whey than I would have thought that little bit of curds could hold! Seems like cups and cups. Anyway, the curds have shrunken down to about 1/3 of their original height, and it is all starting to hold together when I turn the "mold sandwiches" every few hours. Later tonight, I'll test them to see if they are solid enough to go without being in the molds, and start gently sprinkling salt on the outside. Then I'll put everything into the "portable cheese cave" I've made from a clear plastic shoebox and a plastic shelf, schlep it down to the 45 degree storage room, and wait the next several days to make sure it starts growing the white fuzz it's supposed to grow. Crossing my fingers!

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